About Me



My name is Corban Daniels, and I accidentally became a photographer.


As a child I lived a very nomadic lifestyle, traveling from country to country without knowing how long I would call it home. 


When I was 11 years old I went camping in a small town in Western Australia called Exmouth. This very small remote town in the furthest western part of the country has mostly untouched reef and little air pollution. I remember standing on this beach looking at the most tranquil water I’ve ever seen while struggling to find the horizon line due to how blue the ocean and sky were. The water was so blue it was practically purple. At 11 years old I saw what felt like the edge of the world, I couldn’t fathom what I was seeing. This is one of the many moments of my life that inspired me to start photography. 


 The next few years of my life I experienced more life changing events and saw the most beautiful places…growing up with a different perspective of the world is ultimately how I realized I wanted to share my thoughts and emotions about these places I travelled to and the places I will travel to, in hopes to inspire all of my friends and family members, and anyone else.


My love of adventures has helped shape me as a photographer. I am curious and always want to know more about people, places and their stories. I will gladly climb a mountain to get a good shot or spend a day driving to get that one good shot for a client’s vision. 


I am currently located in Vancouver, British Columbia. I just received a diploma in digital photography, and am now pursuing my dream of never working a basic 9-5 again. 


Please contact me if you have any questions.


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